Conservation Issues Committee

Conservation Issues: 
Active since late 1989, the Conservation Issues Committee deals with a variety of resource-related issues ranging from community recycling to federal land management. 

The committee’s areas of interest and examples of past, ongoing, and/or future projects include: Recycling / waste stream reduction, Research potential recycling of other materials, Coordinate Christmas tree recycling with various local entities, Help initiate drug-disposal program with Uintah County Sheriff’s Department, Energy and air quality, Promote energy and cost savings, reduce light pollution with efficient indoor/outdoor lighting, Promote local availability and use of alternative fuels such as biodiesel, Support Idle Free Utah campaign to conserve fuel, reduce air pollution, Promote renewable energy through programs such as 1BOG, Solar Home Tour, Help community prepare for electic vehicles through Project Get Ready Land management, Promote community trails (e.g., Kids’ Canal parkway, county trails coalition), Education, Encourage citizens/businesses to participate in conservation activities such as above, through newspaper articles, Chamber luncheon programs, displays at Home and Garden Show, etc. • Purchase booklets for Earth Day programs presented to local school children, Farmers Market • First explored by the committee, now has its own informal board and will be held for third time in 2010 Budget / Expenses

Committee Currently meets monthly the second Thursday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in the Chamber of Commerce Conference Room